This is a Tama Star Reserve Hammered Brass 6.5x14 snare drum.  This is not the widely available 5.5x14 version, but one of an exclusive batch of 30, made for The Drum Center of Portsmouth, the largest independent drum store in the United States.  The 1.5mm brass shell was painstakingly hammered, by hand, by an experienced artisan at Tama Drums in Japan.  If you look closely at the hammering, you will notice a larger hammerhead was used in the middle of the shell, while a smaller head was used closer to the batter and snare side edges.  Tama says this technique strengthens the shell, and adds to the fatness and resonance of the assembled drum.  While the drum originally came with customized brass Mighty Hoops and Star lugs, Matt chose to outfit the drum with solid brass tube lugs, diecast hoops, and MLS50A/B linear drive strainer.  In the last few pics, you will see the snare mounted on Matt's set, and next to it's equally gorgeous sibling, the Star Reserve Hammered Copper.









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