Noble & Cooley is a US company, established in 1854.  They made drums for the Northern Regiments in the United States Civil War.  After playing and enjoying his Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic snare, Matt developed a deep appreciation for the Noble & Cooley company, and their dedication to the craft of drum building.  He wanted to add another Noble & Cooley drum to his collection.  The only problem was the hoops.  Long story short, N&C's original supplier of diecast counterhoops went out of business, and N&C have yet to find a replacement supplier.  After a long search, Matt was finally able to source an older pair of Noble & Cooley's proprietary diecast hoops.  Special hoops deserve a special drum to adorn, and here it is.  This is a Noble & Cooley 7x14 steam-bent walnut classic snare drum.  The drum features a shell made from a steam-bent plank of walnut, with walnut reinforcement rings, solid brass single-point tube lugs, solid brass throw off mechanism, and yes, N&C's unique diecast hoops.  All parts are proprietary, designed by the manufacturer. This snare comes with custom-design snare wires for increased livelyness while playing, and reduced buzz from sympathetic vibrations.  Nick from N&C mentioned that this shell was one of the first walnut shells they ever made.









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